Bipolar Treatment Centers In Northern California

Bipolar Treatment Centers In Northern California

Empower Residential Wellness: Your Gateway to Comprehensive Bipolar Treatment in Northern California

At Empower Residential Wellness, nestled in the serene settings of Northern California, we stand as a beacon of hope and recovery for individuals wrestling with Bipolar Disorder and other complex psychiatric conditions. Our mission transcends beyond mere treatment; we aim to empower our clients, offering a nurturing path towards holistic wellness and long-term stability in a homelike environment that fosters healing and growth.

Locations and Facilities

Our premier facility, Bassett House, is designed to offer a comforting and supportive environment. Situated to ensure both privacy and accessibility, our center is an ideal retreat for those seeking respite and recovery from the challenges of Bipolar Disorder and associated mental health conditions.

Services Offered

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Options

We provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment options tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our inpatient services at Bassett House ensure a closely monitored, intensive care regimen, while our outpatient programs offer flexibility and continued support for those transitioning or managing their conditions in a community setting.

Therapy Methods

Our therapeutic interventions are rooted in evidence-based practices such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), augmented by innovative approaches that promote neuroplasticity and holistic healing.

Medication Management

Understanding the pivotal role of pharmacotherapy in managing Bipolar Disorder, we offer comprehensive medication management programs, meticulously tailored to optimize therapeutic outcomes while minimizing side effects.

Support Groups

Peer support forms the cornerstone of our treatment philosophy. Our facilitated support groups provide a platform for mutual understanding, sharing, and growth, aiding in the recovery journey.

Financial Considerations

Insurance Accepted

Empower Residential Wellness accepts a wide range of insurance plans, alleviating the financial burden of treatment for our clients and their families.

Payment Options

Recognizing the varied financial situations of our clients, we offer flexible payment options to ensure that our services are accessible to those in need.

Our Team

Our staff, possessing extensive qualifications in psychiatry, psychology, and holistic wellness, maintain a 3:1 staff-to-patient ratio, providing individualized attention and care. Their dedication is reflected in our high success rates and the positive reviews and testimonials from our clients and their families.

Why Choose Us?


Bassett House is equipped with amenities that provide comfort and facilitate recovery, ensuring a stay that is both therapeutic and enriching.

Aftercare Programs

Understanding the importance of sustained support, our aftercare programs offer ongoing resources and guidance, aiding our clients in maintaining their wellness journey beyond our walls.

Holistic Treatment Approaches

We advocate for a holistic treatment model, integrating physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions into our care plans, promoting comprehensive healing and resilience.

Specialized Programs

Our specialized programs cater to the nuances of Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, and other complex mental health conditions, ensuring targeted and effective treatment.


At Empower Residential Wellness, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care for individuals struggling with Bipolar Disorder and co-occurring conditions. Our blend of evidence-based treatments, personalized care plans, and a supportive, homelike environment paves the way for recovery, empowerment, and a renewed sense of hope. We invite you to reach out and embark on your journey to wellness with us at your side.

Bipolar Treatment Centers In Northern California

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